(this disc also contains 60, 30, and 10 second cutdowns)

Medium Tempo, Positive, Expansive Rock, Forward-searching Melody, Genuine

Mile Wide
Medium Tempo, Determined and Resolute, Soaring Indie Power, Uplifting

Up-tempo, Thrilling and Energized, Ecstatic and Dynamic, Youthful Vibe

In The Clouds
Medium Tempo, Larger Than Life, Reflective Ballad, Emotionally Strong

The Fall
Medium Tempo, Quirky Swagger, Self-reliant and Confident Indie Rock

After It's Over
Slow Tempo, Introspective and Calm, Reflective and Relaxed, Secure

Stoned Again
Medium Tempo, Raunchy Electric Guitar Energy, Sexy Strut, Catchy Guitar Riffs

Hi-Tail It
Up-tempo, Vibrant Indie Rock, Enthusiastic and Undeniable, Active

Medium Tempo, Heavy Handed Rock, Insistent Drum Beat, Tough

Medium Tempo, Moody and on the Edge, Determined and Angry, Spiteful

Say Goodbye ver. 1
Medium-slow Tempo, Reflective Piano Rock, Features Emotionally Driven Guitars

Say Goodbye ver. 2

Monster Trucker ver. 1
Medium Tempo, Heavy Rock, Electrified Guitars, Thick Sounds, Guitar Solo

Monster Trucker ver. 2

Moonrider ver. 1
Medium Tempo, Indie Space Rock, Futuristic Progression, Expansive Landscape

Moonrider ver. 2